Helping people eat better, feel better, and live healthier

MyBestGI Study Goals

This research evaluates methods that can help people achieve and maintain healthier eating. 

The MyBestGI study evaluates methods that can help people learn to eat in healthier ways. The study emphasizes eating from food groups that are associated with prevention of colon and rectal cancers. These food groups contribute to a healthy gastro-intestinal [GI] system. 

The MyBestGI study is a journey of learning and discovery. Learning how to incorporate healthful foods into your lifestyle can be enjoyable and tasty too. Join the study to begin this journey!


You may be able to participate in this study if you:


Study Intro


Study Visit


Getting There

Common Questions

What is the study about?

How long is the study?

You would participate in the study for one year.

What happens during the study?

Do I have to already know how to use smartphone apps to participate?

No, study staff are available to meet with you to set up the MyBestGI App and provide instructions for using the app. They are also available to help if you need help with the app later.

Which eating program will I receive?

In the MyBestGI study, everyone will receive information about healthy eating. We plan to recruit 240 people. The process of assigning people into different eating programs is done by randomization. You have an equal chance of getting into any one of the three eating programs.

Where do the study visits happen? 

We conduct study visits at the Domino's Farms Office Complex on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor (next to US 23). Parking is free and readily available. 

Domino’s Farms Lobby M

Suite 3100 (one floor up)

Clinical Research Unit

24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Will I be compensated?

You will receive monetary compensation after each study visit for a total of $175 if you complete all four visits.


Contact us to get more information on how you can join!