Contact MyBestGI

For more information, please call toll-free: 1-800-865-1125

Monday through Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

The Cancer AnswerLinetm nurses will happily tell you more about the MyBestGI Study. 

Contacting MyBestGI 'after hours'

Please submit your contact information by clicking on the following link:

MyBestGI Contact Form

The MyBestGI study coordinator will contact you within a few days.

The study visits take place at the Domino's Farms Office Complex on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor (next to US 23). 

Take the Plymouth Road exit from US 23 and head east. Go left on Earhart Road to find Domino's Farms Office Park. Parking is free and readily available in front of the Lobby M door at the far end of the building.


Domino’s Farms Lobby “M”

Suite 3100 (one floor up)

Clinical Research Unit

24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48106